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California offers the opportunity to participate in virtually every type of recreational and sporting experience at virtually any age. Opportunities range from traditional experiences (e.g., baseball, softball, football, basketball, track/running, skiing, etc.) to modern experiences (e.g., surfing, skateboarding, off-roading, mountain biking, ATV, skateboarding, scuba, etc.). With opportunity comes risk. Risk may give rise to insignificant bumps and bruises to serious harm related to head trauma; back, neck and  spinal cord injuries; ligament or muscle tears; or bone and joint injuries. The risks of some injuries are considered “assumed” by the participant in the recreational or sport activity. Other injuries, however, may give rise to liability under California law when the risks inherent in the recreational or sports activity are unreasonably increased by the acts of another. (See, e.g., Distefano v. Forester (2001) 85 Cal.App.4th 1249.)

Wilcox Dunakin Chrisopoulos, LLP has the experience and legal knowledge required to provide guidance and representation when you, your family or your business are confronted by claims arising from or related to recreational and sports activities. Please contact us today for representation regarding any claims related to recreational and sports injuries and damages, or in advance to consider options (e.g., waivers; registration materials; etc.) available to avoid such claims.

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