The employment law arena has become remarkably complex based on the wide-array of regulatory, statutory and case law delineating an employer’s obligations in today’s work environment. Wilcox Dunakin Chrisopoulos, LLP has the experience required to navigate through this legal environment. Our firm regularly counsels and litigates employment matters on behalf of both employers and employees, addressing employment discrimination, wrongful termination, wage and hour issues, trade secret misappropriation, OSHA, affirmative action, use of independent contractors, employee mobility, and related issues pertaining to hiring, promotion, compensation and commissions, termination and unfair competition. To this end, specific issues often arise and require guidance regarding wage / hour compliance; handbooks and policy manuals; employment and independent contractor agreement; terminations, severance plans and releases; sexual harassment training and prevention; protection of trade secrets and confidential business information; IP ownership and assignment issues; and leaves of absence and return to work issues.

Whether you are an employer or an employee, contact Wilcox Dunakin Chrisopoulos, LLP with any employment law issues confronting you today.

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